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What Makes a Great Special Needs Tutor?

I was in the third or fourth year of my special education parent journey when we hit a road block. I had been paying for our child’s extra tutoring for a couple of years, but he wasn’t progressing. He was as far behind his peers as he had been when we started. At the suggestion … Continue reading "What Makes a Great Special Needs Tutor?" Read More >>

Get outside….It is good medicine!

My great-grandmother told a story about her mother. She had lost three children in infancy and was pregnant again. She was scared and worrying so much that the family was concerned for her health. The same midwife that had helped deliver the babies was trying to help her through this pregnancy. She prescribed daily time outside … Continue reading "Get outside….It is good medicine!" Read More >>

Guest Blog: Exercise for My Autistic Boy

The parents of children who struggle and face developmental challenges are a special group of people. They face difficulties that others can’t imagine. These parents are constantly in uncharted territory and usually alone. The knowledge and experience they gain gives them a perspective from which we all can learn. One of my heroes in this … Continue reading "Guest Blog: Exercise for My Autistic Boy" Read More >>

Tips for Adapting to Homebound Instruction

It is easy these days for kids to feel like they are on the road to nowhere. For some, days are bleeding together as we stay at home. A few of our veteran homeschooling NSW moms were kind enough to share some advice while we continue to isolate with our families.   -Set up a … Continue reading "Tips for Adapting to Homebound Instruction" Read More >>

Finding Opportunity in Crisis

As we all try to find our way through massive changes in our lives brought about by COVID-19, my heart goes out to military families and to our Naval Special Warfare families in particular.  Drawing from the wisdom and experience of some older NSW moms, who have faced tragedy, fear, financial difficulty, uncertainty, child issues, … Continue reading "Finding Opportunity in Crisis" Read More >>