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We remain enormously grateful for your support. The greatest tangible reprieve from the demands of this military lifestyle came in the form of your academic support for our child.
SEAL spouse​ and SEALKID parent​

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Navy SEALs have a dangerous, demanding job that takes them away from home nine months of every year. Their children live in a world that few of us can comprehend. The fear of not knowing when—or if—they’ll ever see their dad alive again can cause academic, emotional, and behavioral issues that put additional stress on their families and prevent them from thriving.

SEALKIDS, through its programs, supports the children of Naval Special Warfare—everyday kids living in extraordinary circumstances. This encompassing approach of academic testing, tutoring, therapy, advocacy, and enrichment fosters the success and well-being of the child, critically reducing family stresses and ultimately keeping today’s Navy SEAL in the fight.

Our Solution

We focus on education. Our fundamental belief is that the right intervention and support can create transformational change and have a positive, lasting impact on these children and their families.

With your help, we can honor the service and sacrifice of Navy SEALs and their families by working tirelessly to ensure that their children have access to the tools and opportunities they need to grow up happy, healthy, and resilient.

SEALKIDS is the only organization in the world solely focused on helping the children of Navy SEALs.

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I cannot measure the impact that SEALKIDS has had on my child's education. Without their support, I would be lost and my child would be struggling even more. I am forever grateful.

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Grants awarded to benefit NSW children in 2018


Individual therapy and academic one-on-one tutoring sessions attended in 2018


Percent of SEALKIDS participant children who showed increases in academic performance in at least one measure

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Honor a Navy SEAL’s service and his family’s sacrifice.

Your contribution grants him peace of mind by reducing the burdens on his family. This allows him to remain focused on the job of being a SEAL.

I wouldn’t have been inclined to return to operational status if we didn’t have your support.

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