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Why these kids?

Someone asked me recently “Why these kids? Why do they deserve my help more than others, especially now during the pandemic? All children are suffering through school closures and online schooling.”

I was a little stunned, and then a little mad. Then I realized that it was a really good question. While COVID-19 has affected everyone in our country, it is merely one more thing added to a long list that NSW families and children face bravely every day of every year.


Why these kids?

-Because every year an average of 64% of the children we serve have one or more learning disabilities.

-Special needs services are difficult and sometimes impossible to deliver virtually.

-The “COVID slide”— the loss of educational skills because of the lack of in-person schooling and instructional support and continuity — is going to impact this generation of students for years. For NSW children who are already behind because of learning disabilities, this is especially damaging.

-While the entire country has been affected by COVID-19, Naval Special Warfare has continued to deploy and defend our freedoms. This means that SEAL dads are still in danger, still deployed around the world, and not in the home, for 9 months or more per year. The kids know it. They feel it. The added stress of COVID-19, including the disruption of their schedule, instruction, and social support occurring is just one more burden that these children face.


Why do they deserve my help more than others?

-First, let me be clear in saying that ALL children deserve the help they need to succeed in school. All children deserve their best chance at life.

-But why would one want to help NSW children especially? Because they have the unique burden of their parents’ service added to the mix.

-Our freedoms and our way of life are protected daily by these service members. They are at the tip of the spear doing the hard things that give us the freedom and safety we all enjoy. Their families sacrifice daily so that we can live the lives that we do, and they often do it for 20 years. That is a child’s entire childhood, not just a season or a few years.

-We need NSW to stay strong and we need to retain NSW operators for our country’s safety and welfare. We need operators to feel appreciated and supported so that they can stay in service because they know their children will thrive. SEALKIDS is a tangible thank you to these service members and their families.


While we battle COVID-19 here at home, we know that Navy SEALs are fighting it AND our other battles for us. SEALKIDS is gratitude in action. Please help SEALKIDS support every NSW child that needs our academic support this fall. We have received a 30% increase in requests for help this fall term. Please do what you can and join SEALKIDS in supporting these families during this difficult time.

Wishing you and your families great health and hope,

Suzanne and the SEALKIDS team