What We Do

Academic and developmental support for the children of Navy SEALs: your contributions fuel all of it.

We believe that whether academic, therapeutic, experiential, or social, the right intervention and support can create transformational change that lasts a lifetime.

No two children are the same, which is why no two SEALKIDS programs are the same. We begin with a thorough evaluation of each child’s needs. Then our staff, along with professional child development experts, create and deliver a customized plan designed to help each child thrive.

Our Core Programs

Academic Support

Personalized academic support to help kids excel in school.

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Specialized Needs

Learning curriculums designed specifically for children with unique needs.

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Testing & Evaluation

Comprehensive testing that gets to the root of a child’s difficulties.

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Helping parents navigate complex school and health systems.

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Ensuring children in the Navy SEAL community thrive outside of the classroom.

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How Families Benefit

The global war on terror has significantly increased the demands placed on Navy SEALs. Today, many SEALs are away from home for up to nine months a year, and their children pay the price.

We can’t change the demands SEALs face on the job, but we can make positive change for the children and families they leave behind.

With our help, SEALs gain peace of mind knowing that their children are doing well. And less distracted SEALs are stronger, more focused, and better equipped to handle the mission at hand.

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