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Get outside….It is good medicine!

My great-grandmother told a story about her mother. She had lost three children in infancy and was pregnant again. She was scared and worrying so much that the family was concerned for her health. The same midwife that had helped deliver the babies was trying to help her through this pregnancy. She prescribed daily time outside through the rest of her pregnancy. After the baby was born, the midwife came every day and took the mother and baby outside for an hour in the sunshine. She prescribed this for the first 6 months of that baby’s life. That baby lived, and she became my great-grandmother.

Needless to say, being outside is part of our family’s recipe for healthy children… and mothers. Studies show that the more time we spend indoors and in front of screens the more likely we are to experience depression, obesity and isolation. Summer is the perfect time to break free of the screens and to connect with each other and nature. Being outside is good for children and adults, but PLAYING  outside is even better.

Our family has struggled a bit as we finished this school year, homeschooling due to Covid-19 with Mom and Dad working from home. I realize we didn’t really break the grind cycle and start summer break. Last week we talked about it and scheduled more outside time into our daily schedules. We are taking our snacks and lunch into the sunshine for impromptu picnics, and we finally made our summer hit list. We do this every year. Everyone lists their top 5 things to do in summer. We post the list in the kitchen and enjoy checking them off as the summer progresses. This year we made sure that everything is outside.

The State and National Parks participate in a ParksRX program that supports healthier living by promoting more outside time. There are even doctors that write prescriptions for outside time that will gain you entry into the parks.  The link, along with some other interesting articles about “play prescriptions”, are below.

Park RX America

Nature play: A prescription for healthier children (via Contemporary Pediatrics)

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Could walking barefoot on grass improve your health? Some research suggests it can. (Via The Washington Post)

As we continue to navigate uncertain times, social isolation, and the long march of this pandemic…. it is great to know that a big part of doing better is just a few steps away.

Go play outside!

Wishing you a summer filled with outside good times and great health,

Suzanne and the SEALKIDS team