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Finding Opportunity in Crisis

As we all try to find our way through massive changes in our lives brought about by COVID-19, my heart goes out to military families and to our Naval Special Warfare families in particular. 

Drawing from the wisdom and experience of some older NSW moms, who have faced tragedy, fear, financial difficulty, uncertainty, child issues, marriage issues, job issues, health issues and who have made mistakes and learned along the way, we were able to come up with a quick, three category check-in to use as a starting place when trying to care for children in unstable times. 


1. Physical Care- Is your child safe, fed, and in a stable environment?

With the closing of schools and daycares this is a huge obstacle for the caregiver parent who works while the service member is deployed. Each family has to figure out how to make the answer to this question a “Yes”. It will look different for every family and it may look different week to week, or even day to day as we get through this time. 


2. Emotional care- Is your child doing ok emotionally?

Establishing routine, communicating clear reassurance, promoting connection within the family home, connecting with others through technology, and providing a physical sense of safety can really help children’s emotional well-being. Continue to celebrate milestones. Make time to play. Address challenges the family may be having with age-appropriate conversation, but above all, try to make hope and reassurance the message they hear most from adult conversation and behavior. Tell them you cherish, and are enjoying, this extra time with them.



3. Educational care- How does your child learn best? What does your child enjoy most?

Answer these and you are off to a good start. You know your child better than anyone. Remember what worked best when they were little and approach learning at home with this in mind. If you aren’t a homeschooler already, please don’t try to become one overnight. Keep it fun. Keep the work times short and with breaks. Set clear goals and expectations. Take the advice of many already circulating this info: teach while you go about your day. Cooking, organizing, managing your time, working from home, ordering groceries, working on the car, and doing your taxes…. Everything you do in a day has something of value to share with your child. Make this a time to enjoy learning together.


Below is a free resource in case your child needs instructional help:



I pray for your family’s health and well-being through these trials.  I hope this time draws you closer together as a family and that your relationships grow richer and deeper. This crisis gives us an opportunity to determine who we are and what we value as individuals, as families, and as a nation. May we all meet the challenges ahead with resilience and with compassion for our fellow man, and may we move forward with hope and courage. 


Suzanne and the SEALKIDS team


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