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Why your commitment to SEALKIDS matters so much.

The cause itself is so critically important.

What we do matters so much to so many—the children who we directly serve, their families, and our country as a whole. Remember, the better things are at home, the better our Navy SEALs can protect all of us.

We’re smaller and focused.

SEALKIDS is not a huge organization with multiple layers and vast amounts of process and red tape. Our size keeps us continuously moving forward and focused on our single and essential mission. Our size also means that your donation makes an even bigger impact since we maintain a smaller operating budget than many organizations. Simply put, that means more of your money goes toward making a greater impact.

We complement other in-kind organizations you may already support.

Many of our donors and volunteers are passionate about supporting multiple military-affiliated organizations. We, and they, have found that supporting SEALKIDS is a great way to help assist with the increasing demands placed on our armed forces and their families.

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